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Bigpipe Bigpipe is an ISP that strips away all the fluff and just provides you with rock solid broadband. Other ISPs focus on giving you extra bits you probably never use, like email or anti-virus. At Bigpipe we focus on nothing but broadband. All our plans have unlimited data, no connection fee, and no term contracts. Bigpipe has world leading online support, and a smartphone friendly website, so you'll never wait on hold with us, and getting help is easy if you run into trouble.

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Negative Feedback "Worst ISP of all in New Zealand. Stop stealing money from the customers Big pie you are absolutely a crap ISP. Extremely disappointing"
posted by Kumar
16/04/2017 3:33am

Negative Feedback "#bigpipe sucks! $80/month for a shitty internet connection. I have to reload videos constantly. Their support reply is: please upgrade to that they can make more money..It's 2016 and the ADSL should be awesome and pretty much free! Super disappointing."
posted by Graff
26/10/2016 9:08am

Negative Feedback "Terrible. Each day I have difficulty connecting to sites. Usually issues with DNS addresses. One site may be available, the other not. And then vice versa 5 minutes later. Very disappointing."
posted by Frank
15/06/2016 4:25am

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