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Name Quota Contract ETF Monthly Fee
ADSL 50GB + Home Phone 50 GB 12 mth $199 $74.95
ADSL 100GB + Home Phone 100 GB 12 mth $199 $79.95
ADSL Unlimited + Home Phone
12 mth $199 $84.95
Name Quota Contract ETF Monthly Fee
VDSL 50GB + Home Phone 50 GB 12 mth $199 $99.95
VDSL 100GB + Home Phone 100 GB 12 mth $199 $104.95
VDSL Unlimited + Home Phone
12 mth $199 $119.95
Name Quota Contract ETF Monthly Fee
Ultra Fast Fibre 50GB 50 GB 12 mth $249 $64.95
Ultra Fast Fibre 100GB 100 GB 12 mth $249 $74.95
Blazing Fast Fibre Unlimited
12 mth $249 $79.95
Name Quota Contract ETF Monthly Fee
Blazing Fast Fibre Broadband
12 mth $249 $89.95

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Compass Compass Communications is a 100% kiwi owned independent internet and telecommunications service provider. In 1995, Compass began providing fax broadcast services to business customers. Now, Compass is the longest-standing competitor to Telecom in the New Zealand telecommunications market.

Phone: 0800 640 840

Street Address: Compass House, 162 Grafton Road, Grafton, Auckland
Postal Address: PO Box 2533, Shortland Street, Auckland

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Negative Feedback "I contacted the customer service several times. Not only took it much longer to get a reply than promised, the replies were shocking hopeless and even plain wrong. Stay away."
posted by Tom
09/04/2017 10:19am

Negative Feedback "Problems started from the get-go with me being put on the wrong plan, and when the install didn't work it took multiple phone-calls to get it fixed. I was told I would receive an account credit for this but that took over a month of me calling and e-mailing following the credit being promised before it was actually actioned. I ended up requesting that all support be handled via e-mail to avoid this waste of my time but they still tried to call instead. All complaints took over a week to fix with multiple phone-calls and hours of my time taken up for each. The most effective way to get anything done was to post the complaint on their facebook page so that others could see it. I noticed numerous people using the same strategy. When I moved house and the installation at the second place didn't work, they tried to blame it on my less than a year old modem rather than sending a technician to get it fixed. When I told them that was extremely unlikely to be the problem the only thing they could come up with was "anything can happen" and told me that they wouldn't send anyone until I had tested my modem at somebody else's house which was not exactly convenient. Overall, every attempt at communication with this company was a nightmare. I absolutely would not recommend this company to anybody."
posted by Rachel Walker
05/12/2016 6:21am

Negative Feedback "On 14th April 2016 my mother went into a rest home, it took Compass to the 21st July to reconnect her phone from her old address. Poor communication from them, always some one elses fault. Only when we as a family threatened to go to TV Ones Fair Go consumer program did we get any result on this. Excuse after excuse, absolutely useless, stay away from this company. They now say they are working on a refund for my mother, three and a half months with NO phone, WE AWAIT WITH BAITED BREATH."
posted by Alan Coles
25/07/2016 4:27am

Negative Feedback "when compass bought ultracom and then told us that those on ultra fast fibre would be charged extra I rang them in February and advised them that I would not be transferring to compass the young person on the phone said I couldn't do that I transferred to Vodafone and they lost the landline and broadband compass also advised me that it wasn't with them anymore as they could not restore it this was early march now in June I have received a bill from them saying I owe them money they are impossible to ring at present I have been on hold for 19 minutes waiting for them to answer there phone definitely do not recommend them to any one"
posted by Pip McNamara
16/06/2016 6:50am

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