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Name Quota Contract ETF Monthly Fee
ADSL2+ (FAST) 100 GB 12 mth $ $85.00
ADSL2+ (FAST) 200 GB 12 mth $ $95.00
12 mth $ $100.00
Name Quota Contract ETF Monthly Fee
VDSL (FASTER) 100 GB 12 mth $ $85.00
VDSL (FASTER) 200 GB 12 mth $ $95.00
12 mth $ $100.00
Name Quota Contract ETF Monthly Fee
UFB (FASTEST) 100 GB 12 mth $ $80.00
UFB (FASTEST) 200 GB 12 mth $ $90.00
12 mth $ $95.00
Name Quota Contract ETF Monthly Fee
UFB (FASTEST) 100 GB 12 mth $250 $85.00
UFB (FASTEST) 200 GB 12 mth $250 $95.00
12 mth $250 $100.00
Name Quota Contract ETF Monthly Fee
UFB (FASTEST) 100 GB 12 mth $250 $110.00
UFB (FASTEST) 200 GB 12 mth $250 $120.00
12 mth $250 $125.00
Name Quota Contract ETF Monthly Fee
UFB (FASTEST) 100 GB 12 mth $250 $130.00
UFB (FASTEST) 200 GB 12 mth $250 $140.00
12 mth $250 $145.00

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Orcon Orcon Internet Ltd

Phone: 0508 JOIN US (0508 564 687)

Street Address: Level 2, 1 The Strand Takapuna, Auckland 0622
Postal Address: Orcon, PO Box 302362, North Harbour, Auckland 0751

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Negative Feedback "Terrible customer service and inept tech support. 6mb/sec download is the max they could provide. They attempt to charge an extortionate $199 fee if you change providers."
posted by D
27/08/2019 2:20am

Negative Feedback "Despite everyone I have dealt with at Orcon being very nice on the phone, my experience has been painful, to say the least. When I ordered the service, it took me 10 days to get connected after getting the modem, during which Orcon was blaming the technician and he was blaming Orcon, with myself as the messenger. And then when it turned out I had to move houses, and did the right thing by notifying Orcon a good 3 weeks in advance, a handling error by Orcon caused a change in my contract which led to the internet being disconnected at the place I still lived in, and this took 11 days to resolve (yesterday). Now it's 3 days until I move houses for good, and I'm not looking forward to it as I suspect I won't have a connection for a week or two once I'm in the new place. I'm sure everyone I'll talk to will be nice, though. Nice people, but incompetent as a company. And the worst thing is, the internet connection isn't especially fast. Ordered VDSL but it might as well have been ADSL given the bitrate. Also, my new building has fiber (there's a shared wifi that uses fiber there) but for some reason Orcon will say that they can't offer me fiber there, not even VDSL as a matter of fact, so ADSL it has to be. I guess I'll stick to it till the end of my contract then get fiber with someone else..."
posted by Diego
24/10/2016 8:07pm

Negative Feedback "They have cancelled my service for being 1 day late. Can'y pay using credit card as their system is faulty."
posted by Peter
24/10/2016 7:53pm

Negative Feedback "Left us with no phone for sometime then take out 2mths of payments!,. They by far have got the WORST coustomer service my partner or i have ever expierenced.DONT EVEN GO THERE"
posted by dean irain
11/08/2016 6:03am

Negative Feedback "Stay well clear of this company. Going through all the issues mentioned below. They suckered me in with advise that it was as good as other IP's but its all crap. Lag times, disconnections and no good support and now trying to charge me for early disconnection! Had to use my mobile data to send them emails, didn't get my phone connected."
posted by Tanu
21/05/2016 8:19am

Negative Feedback "I also tried moving with Orcon. They assured me of the date and then advised me by e-mail that they would not be making this date. At the time I couldn't check my e-mail because I didn't have access to the internet. I would have thought the ISP would have known that. My experiences with their customer support has been infuriating at best. My speed is 3Mbps on average and the bill is $82 per month. Unlimited Internet provide unlimited for $59 per month and it sure can't be slower. I'm making the switch and I recommend everyone steer well clear of the Orcon trap."
posted by Richard
25/02/2016 7:49am

Negative Feedback "as bad as vodafone for support (if not worse).They seem to think five days for support is ok but isnt acceptable at all.Overseas support team is near to useless and hard to understand"
posted by Vic
01/04/2015 8:41am

Negative Feedback "one of the worst isp's i have come across for next to useless support.Their support auto reply states they will respond in about five days (if you are lucky).This is unacceptable.I had no internet or phone for nearly a month with little support.Now i have no phone for nearly three weeks.I have had a gutsfull of these useless fuckwits.I am changing to a better isp with better support"
posted by Warwick
01/04/2015 3:38am

Negative Feedback "We were reasonably happy with our unlimited internet plan from Orcon, despite frequent disconnections and occasional outages, until we moved house. The move was full of unexplained delays, NO communication, technicians failing to show up, lengthy (30 min) waits on hold to talk to a tech who seemed to have no idea what was going on, and poor or non-existent internal communications. Every time we were asked to wait for a call-back or a tech to visit, they failed to happen. After 2 weeks of the most appalling service I gave up and switched to Slingshot - who have provided excellent service by the way - only to find that Orcon had failed to action the contract cancellation for a week, which has delayed our connection with the new ISP. The Orcon customer service rep, who I spoke to about this was stunningly unhelpful. No-one I spoke to seemed to care in the least about the abyssmal service. I would seriously recommend avoiding this ISP. This was the WORST service I have ever seen, from any company anywhere."
posted by Duane Winter
19/02/2015 10:54pm

Negative Feedback "have been connected for 3 weeks and have had 3 3 day outages and 1 10 day well day 5 out ten in the time frame they have given lets wait and the offshore call center drive you around the bend and they don't take customers serious"
posted by gordon
18/10/2014 11:05am

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