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SKY brought Vodafone making a very large company...

Posted on 2016/06/09 at 19:35:50
Posted in: isp

SKY and Vodafone NZ issued an announcement to the New Zealand Stock Exchange detailing a proposed merger of our two businesses.

We’re proposing to bring together Vodafone and SKY to create a leading integrated telecommunications and media business in New Zealand.

The merger is all about creating the future, today. Vodafone and SKY already have a commercial relationship in place and when you look at the synergies of these two brands, we are excited about the opportunity to facilitate rapid innovation in the development and delivery of digital content.

A merger of the two businesses will occur, with SKY purchasing Vodafone NZ and Vodafone Europe B.V. becoming a majority (51%) shareholder of SKY – a publicly listed company.

The Combined Group will be one of the largest companies listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange – this will be one of the most significant transactions for the New Zealand business landscape within the last five years.

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